Where the **** is our Cycling and Walking Tsar?

Chris Boardman is Greater Manchester’s Cycling and Walking Tsar appointed by Metro Mayor Andy Burnham. Andy has been a Metro Mayor for almost 1 year. West of England’s Metro Mayor Tim Bowles has also been in the role for almost 1 year.

I am utterly disappointed with Tim Bowles. He appears to be way over his head and has no idea what he’s doing with transport. Casual observers might think he is utterly obsessed with junction 18A of the M4 or any scheme as long as it appears to make it better for motorised vehicles.

Dude 61.7% of Bath and Bristol commuters live within a 20 minute eBike of work.

61.7 PERCENT!!!

21st Century economies cannot be built on 20th century solutions. This is even more relevant to transport. He simply seems to be stuck somewhere around 1989.

Change the Question

We need to use the Key Route Network to maximise the movement of people.

Change The Question (1)

Where is our connected cycle network?

We have to recognise our road network can be designed to tackle congestion, air pollution, mental health, and obesity. We have to offer good travel choices that gets people out of cars and cycling, walking, or using public transport. If we don’t want fat dependent kids, then parents have to be able to visibly see a safe connected cycle network that works for 12 year olds and gives those kids travel independence.

We need to enable people to make that choice, not just encourage them. You need to build a regional connected cycle network and you need to build it now.

Tim is failing us

I wanted so much more from our Metro Mayor, so so SO much more. From what I am hearing, so did many others.  Tim, sort your sh*t out.


  1. Sorry to read that you’ve still got the same problems as most of us old shire counties.

    Where’s the Change the Question graphic from, please? I’d like to reuse it.

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