Bath Preservation Trust support for Clean Air Zone.

It’s good to see the Bath Preservation Trust calling for the hypothecation of revenue to prioritise the delivery of walking and cycling infrastructure.

BPT recognising that the Clean Air Zone does not change behaviour and does not get people out of cars really needs repeating. It does nothing to solve congestion.

I note that BPT says a CAZ tackles Air Pollution but a CAZ ONLY tackles NOx, not PM2.5/10 (brake ,tyre, road dust etc) pollution. BPT calling for the CAZ to be the largest and include private vehicles is something everyone should be telling the council. I really hope the council takes note of BPT’s statement. We need so much more from the council. The vacuum of political will is really not helping here.

We are in a Public Health crisis caused by Air Pollution and Transport related Obesity. We need so much more from our councillors.


Bath Preservation Trust  has come out in support of the proposal by B&NES to introduce a Clean Air Zone in Bath (CAZ) – particularly because its boundaries take into account the through traffic crossing Cleveland Bridge and exiting the City along the London Road. 

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In a press statement – released today, Tuesday. April 10th – BPT say:

‘We support the highest category of restriction (category D) in order to encourage behavioural change for car users as well as commercial vehicles.

Bath traffic results in three problems which can damage the listed buildings and harm the amenity of the World Heritage Site: pollution, congestion and vibrations. The CAZ is primarily aimed at the former (pollution) though it is to be hoped that it will also change behaviours of both longer distance drivers and local users.

While the CAZ is therefore by no means a total solution to the traffic problems…

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  1. What is not mentioned is that this action is a compliance to a government legal situation and if or when compliance is met by 2021 the council can cease any zones that are in place.

    If this council was committed and serious in protecting its residents it would create a city wide CAZ and use existing tolerances to enable those with either financial or other challenges to reach compliance regarding vehicle ommisions .

    We should accept there will be an impact on the economic structure of the community but this needs to be accepted if we are striving for a cleaner city for all.


    Kind regards

    Cllr Rob Appleyard, Promoting and supporting Lambridge.

    07527 577186 Members Advocate for the Vulnerable.

    Deputy Mayor of Bath 2017/18

    Member of Banes Development control committee. Shadow Cabinet member for Economic Development. Charter Trustee of Bath. Member of Bath City Forum. Member of Avon Pension Fund Committee & Investment panel.

    Supporter of @ILIVEIGIVE #PASSONLIFE 0300 123 23 23 Be a HERO & make a difference, and join the Organ Donor Register

    • That makes it rather worrying that it can be removed once compliance is hit! I was not aware of that.

      I do wonder whether the economic hardship is over stated given that running a car on a yearly basis can cost you £1,000s and a 16 year old car is available for £500.

      We need to enable people to make better travel choices. I do think an integrated eBike and electric car share clubs similar to Co-Bikes in Exeter I think demonstrates a way forward.

      The reality though is we have people keeping old ‘killer’ cars and they need to be got off the road.

      The more complex issue is going to be LGVs. Vans are probably the worst and businesses have a habit of having old diesels. Upgrading to 6 year old Cat 6 diesels in 2021 is going to be expensive, but necessary.

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