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Walk Ride Bath needs you!

We need FIVE minutes of your time per month. This small amount of time can actually make a massive difference.

Walk Ride Bath as an organisation can make as much noise as we want. We can negotiate with BANES council and we can get all angry, even frothing at the mouth, BUT in the eyes of the councillors, we’re just one rather noisy interest group.

This is where you come in. We need you to be emailing your local councillors. We need you to tell them that walking and cycling is important. We need you to make them care about walking and cycling.

It is through the emails you send to your councillors demanding better walking and cycling infrastructure provision, that changes the amount of money allocated to walking and cycling.

It is through your emails that the planning office will be forced to consider better walking and cycling infrastructure as part of any new developments.

It is because of you that your councillors will begin to care about walking and cycling provisioning in BANES. It is through the councillors that the council will change and begin to deliver good quality walking and cycling infrastructure.

Write to them

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I want to be more involved!

Walk Ride Bath has regular meetings which are announced on the Facebook page.

Of course, you are more than welcome to author a post on the site. 🙂