Our Vision

We have a vision of a city where walking, cycling, and scooting is easy, inclusive, and enabled for all ages and abilities. A city that has strong resilient connected communities where kids can play safely in our streets and bird song can be heard without being drowned out by the roar of the traffic. A city where we have tackled the social model of disability and your movement around the city is not limited by an ill-thought out kerb. Where walking, cycling, and driving are segregated from each other wherever possible. A liveable city that is tackling the climate emergency.

Our logo with a silhouette of our proposed Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

What People (Might) Be Saying

A secret cabal of all powerful cyclists and pedestrians intent on taking advantage of the COVID 19 Pandemic to make our city healthier, tackle the climate emergency, with less pollution, and no through traffic on residential roads. How dare they!

A Bath Resident.

Can somebody please just shut this group up. They really are making us look really bad and ineffective.

Some people at West Of England Combined Authority

The truth about a city’s aspirations isn’t found in its vision. It’s found in its budget.

Brent Toderian

If you love Bath then let’s work together to change it for the better.