More cycle schemes to consider

Scholar’s way was always about creating a good route for kids to use and with space and land constraints this scheme is probably as good as it gets although the money being spent on a continuous footway across Quarry Farm entrance would be much better spent on a missing link from Copseland across Oakley to the Avenue. We’ve now had multiple technical drawings for that link so it should not be too difficult. The Rainbow Woods surface is kept vague, but needs to be useable in deepest winter so, as per LTN 1/20, should be a smooth sealed surface (asphalt).

The Quays scheme seems to have been designed within a void. The North Quays development needs to incorporate good cycle infrastructure and there doesn’t seem to be a wider understanding of how the WECA Sustainable Transit Corridors play into this. It almost feels like London Road Gateway Scheme in that the issues are either side of it. Given the £147m bus corridor improvement program should create a good age 12+ cycle route from the Bath Bus Station along the A36 all the way to Brislington then this is the right scheme but at the wrong time. Will the Pinesway Gyratory be broken (See WRB Bath Living Heart ? How many CYCLOPS junctions will be implemented along the A36 corridor? Why does the South Quays development bridge ramp still not divert cycles onto LBR as soon as possible? What happens when Kingsmead Ward get’s a Liveable Neighbourhood (Again see the Living Heart)?

I honestly think that we need a solution in this space along Lower Bristol Road but I’m unsure that the timing of this scheme given the unknowns is right. We still don’t know the other pieces of the puzzle and it’s a big complicated puzzle.


The new ‘Newark’ pedestrian bridge.

Two proposed new cycle and walking schemes – connecting schools and the University of Bath to residential areas and improving links between the Bath Quays development and the rest of the city – are the subject of a public consultation launched today (July 12).

Bath & North East Somerset Council is inviting residents to have their say on the proposed schemes, which aim to improve walking and cycling routes in Bath and encourage more active ways of travelling.

TheScholars’ Wayscheme proposes the introduction of cycle routes connecting residential areas to educational establishments across the south of Bath. The first section aims to provide a cycle route between Claverton Down, Combe Down and Odd Down and includes:

  • Upgrading the existing shared path between Quarry Farm and Claverton Down Road via Rainbow Wood to a hard surface, to improve conditions for cycles and pedestrians. In…

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  1. Need maps on the first page showing where the routes are rather than hidden way in a link at the end of 100 pages of chat. But really it’s all very encouraging all round.

    • I realise I probably come across as negative but that’s only because I think the Quays scheme feels incomplete and out of context. It needs to take into consideration the bigger picture of what is happing with the multi-modal bus corridors and the city centre.

  2. All excellent work. Your last comment presumes a presumption of joined up thinking and discussion; so lacking in so many areas not just sustainable transport sadly. At least your are not dealing with another local authority to the east (to be positive)

    • There’s already a contraflow along James St West. I think the real missing link is the connection from the river path to the bridge when the lower Quay area is in flood. It also keeps cyclists out of the Quays area creating a more direct route to the city centre and bus station.

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