Cycle route improvements starting soon

The £540m West of England City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement will ensure all A roads between Bath Bus Station and Bristol/Radstock are to this standard that enables safe cycling and walking for all ages and abilities, particularly women and children. This really is only the beginning. Hopefully future CRSTS funding rounds will also fix London Road which sorely needs good cycle lanes and junctions reconfigured into CYCLOPS junctions.


A week later than originally scheduled but work is set to start on one of two schemes to improve walking and cycling along two routes in Bath.  

Separated cycle lanes are being created and improvements made for pedestrians along the A4 Upper Bristol Road with work scheduled later in the summer on the A36 Beckford Road scheme.

Residents and businesses have been written to about the Upper Bristol Road works which were due to start on July 11 but will now begin on July 18 and which are expected to finish later in the autumn.

Ahead of the main works replacement parking and loading bays will be installed in nearby areas from 5 July. This will then allow the removal of parking on Upper Bristol Road in order to start reconfiguring the road space for the dedicated cycle lanes.

The works on Upper Bristol Road include:

  • Creating a separated cycle…

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  1. Such an awful design will lead to challenges for all users. We are left with something designed by committee because it was so badly thought out in the first place.

    Disabled residents are left without blue badge parking.

    A waste of money which have been so much better spent on other cycling improvements in BANES.

    If only the Council had spoken to residents at the beginning and say this is what we want to achieve, we acknowledge disruption but what would work best. We would have had a better safer scheme that still improved facilities for walkers and cyclists.

    However we are left with something that is not fit for purpose and more importantly is not safe.

    • That’s not how this works anymore. There are national standards that require Highways Authorities to deliver to very specific design criteria based on national best practices or face significant financial penalties.

      Main A roads throughout the city will be made into multi-modal corridors that prioritise walking/wheeling, cycling, and buses. This is happening across BaNES, Bristol, and S Glos.

      More significantly all A roads will become “owned” by WECA as part of the Key Route Network. Once this happens expect many of them to become effective TfL red routes prioritising the movement of people and not storage of cars.

      Do not underestimate how massive a change is coming in this space.

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