Liveable Neighbourhood schemes win approval


Plans to improve neighbourhoods and create healthier communities in Bath and North East Somerset are taking shape following the first stage of public engagement on 15 priority schemes.

Bath & North East Somerset Council received more than 1,600 responses to its recent engagement on15 priority Liveable Neighbourhood schemes. The responsewas generally positive, with 51% supporting Liveable Neighbourhoods schemes, 36% expressing neutral views, and 13% against their implementation.

The engagement found many areas expressing a wish for changes to improve pedestrian safety, more traffic calming measures, and improved cycling infrastructure. Additionally, a desire for general improvement of the public realm was expressed.

A number of concerns were also raised. These included the perceived negative impact that implementation of Residents’ Parking Zones (RPZs) could have on communities and the potential impact ofvehicle access restrictions. Concerns were raised that such measures would simply move an existing problem from one area to another.


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