What do people think of this?

I really think the new proposed design does everything right. Really have to congratulate the council and Pedal Progression on this sympathetic design with a 50/50 split between community space and the fenced off (wildlife friendly) Bike Park. I suspect within years, as with other Urban Bike Parks, the bike park should vanish under tree canopy

Sadly, given the stance the local Tories are taking as part of their election campaign, it needs highlighting that the £385k that is being invested by the council into the site is repaid *with interest* by Pedal Progression over 20 years.

The commitment to connect the park to Scholar’s Way is great. There are over 20,000 students of all ages that study on the southern plateaux that will be able to safely and easily access this park in the coming years.

The consultation survey states that half day tickets will be £9.50 for adults, £6 for kids, and £28 for families, with bike hire £20 and £12.50 (kids bike). No mention is made of monthly or annual passes but those should also be in the offering. Let’s hope the Bike Park can attract sponsorship to bring some of those costs down but I don’t think it’s unreasonable given the costs of staff and park maintenance (and council capital repayment!).

All in all I feel this is really fantastic. Well done all!

Please do fill in the survey as it does make a big big difference and only takes two minutes of your time!


An updated design for the new mountain bike and activity park at the former Entry Hill Golf Course site in Bath has been unveiled.

Residents are invited to view the proposals and comment on their future use of the new facilities.

The new design takes into consideration more than 1,800 responses received in a public consultation about the Bath Bike Park held last year by Bath & North East Somerset Council. Theconsultation reportis available to view alongside the new design.

Residents and businesses were asked for their feedback on traffic and parking, community features, design and environmental considerations in the consultation which ran from July to September 2021.

The responses generated more than 4,000 long answer comments and broadly showed support for the new opportunities to get active including the bike trails, play park and trails for running and walking.

Many positive comments were made in…

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