Bathampton Meadows to become National Trust’s first ‘green corridor.’

I have major reservations about the language that National Trust are using. This route needs to be accessible, inclusive, and wheel friendly. That means wide smooth 4 season paths. This is screaming massive disabled discrimination. There needs to be very clear path design guidance that first and foremost supports wheelchair users. As an example, the Canal and River Trust towpath design guide talks about 1m paths being acceptable as people can “step to the side”. I’ve heard that the Department for Transport are refusing to fund these types of hostile disabled discriminatory paths. National Trust need to be very clear what their inclusive path design standard is and that this cannot be degraded due to local opinions.


[Photo: Tom Boden]

Bath – and part of its surrounding countryside has been chosen as the site for the first of twenty ‘green corridors’ the National Trust will be setting up across its national land ownership.

It’s a new project that links city centres directly to the countryside by knitting together patches of green space to create a “green corridor” to rural areas.

This first 3-mile pathway will meander out from Bath city centre – and has been able to be created thanks to the acquisition of Bathamprton Meadows – just over 40 hectares (99 acres) of land – by the Trust. 

The acquisition means the land is now safeguarded from any threat of future development – back in 2015 it had been earmarked – by a previous administration – as a site for a park and ride.

‘After the ball is over’. The demonstrators have gone – but…

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