Journey to Net Zero: Council webinar tonight at 6pm!

Monday 24th of January, 6pm-7pm. The council will be hosting a presentation and a Q&A session on our Journey to Net Zero report. Cllr McCabe and our panellists will take your questions on the report that sets out our plan to tackle some of the biggest challenges our society faces: combating climate change, improving air quality, improving health and wellbeing and tackling congestion.

This is a public event, open to everyone, which you can join using this link


  • Cllr Matt McCabe, Chair of the panel
  • Cllr Sarah Warren
  • Nick Simons, Principle Transport Planner
  • Sophie Broadfield, Director of Sustainable Communities

Hope to see you there and remember to fill in the consultation feedback here:

Direct link to the report pdf:


  1. May I ask a dumb question ? In Bath , we have natural hot baths and I believe the Pump house was going to make use of this as a heat source (?); I wondered why there are no plans to exploit this as a useful accessible energy source on a larger scale, is there is reason it couldn’t be done by smart people?

    • Waters are being used to keep the Abbey warm. Unsure if you caught Countryfile the other night but they had a company using water from abandoned coal mines (20degC) with a plan to heat a new 1500 housing development. I don’t see why we can’t do something similar with the spa water but I suspect the first thing you need to do is insulate properly.

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