Saskia’s ‘seat of office’

This is amazing news! Well done Saskia! If you want to congratulate her in person, the next Kidical Mass *Halloween Edition* ride will be on the 30th of October 5pm to 6pm starting from Orange Grove. Halloween Fancy Dress and bikes covered in lights of all shapes and sizes is recommended!


(Saskia (pictured right) with Bath’s Green councillor Joanna Wright)

Bath’s just got itself a new ‘mayor’ but this one’s doesn’t wear a chain of office – hers helps power her bike!

Bath resident, Saskia Heijltjes has recently been selected by BYCS – a cycling action group based in the Netherlands – to be the first Bicycle Mayor for Bath.

Taken from the BYCS website

Saskia is a keen cyclist who has recently organised several Kidical Mass cycle ride events in the city centre which have been widely attended by many calling for “safer streets”. The rides are intended to show that children are traffic too, and to make the case for everyday journeys by bike for all ages.

The role of the Bicycle Mayor is an independent and voluntary position. Bicycle Mayors do not represent any single organisation or political group and are able to truly act on behalf of…

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  1. Hi Adam


    This doesn't answer the question of how I contact Kidicalmass or how I deal with the cheque made out to them. It needs to be cleared before the end of October and the account closed, or HSBC will charge £5 and not leave enough in the account to pay it.






    Sent: Friday, October 15, 2021 at 12:46 PM

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