E-scooter Roll out in Bath

EScooters, either legal or illegal, are here to stay in some form or other, be it hop on hop off, long term lease, or simply something you bought from your local bike shop or even Argos. What we should realise is that they are not walking, they are not cycling, they are the minitram that the Economist predicted in 1981 (https://wanderingdanny.com/oxford/2019/03/minitrams-the-nadir-of-cycling-in-britain/) and the hope is that they are much more inclusive and accessible to many more than the humble bicycle. Let’s hope WECA publishes lots of data as the trial nears it’s one year milestone!

Cllr Joanna Wright

A year ago the e-scooter trial was launched in the West of England Combined Authority (WECA). The Department for Transport (DfT) gave permission for agreed areas across England to trial the use of this new and innovative transport option. The e-scooter launch took place during the autumn and winter of 2020s Covid crisis and I was very proud to have agreed to this trial in Bath, one of the first locations for VOI’s e-scooter “hop on hop off” roll out in the UK.

At that time in my role as Joint Cabinet Member for Transport Services at B&NES I was very pleased to lead the way on thinking differently about transport at a local level. It is very clear that our air is filled with pollution, our streets are clogged with cars and people are suffering health issues through lack of activity. What is also clear is how expensive public…

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