Cycle Bath Meeting Write-up

I’m trying to brain dump this while it is still fresh in my head. Discussions were far ranging but I will put them under the agenda items even though we did not follow the order as best I can.

Before I start, can I just say, what an amazing turn up. We had more women than men. Our Facebook Group has helped make this a more inclusive group. For the next meeting I will look to get more information out on using posters but again, thank you for turning up.

  1. Safer Routes To Schools (Voters 13)
    Primary discussion around Scholars Way  (scheme plans (1))and how we are still compromising space due to space limitations (it contains a widened path not a stepped cycle track).
    Screenshot 2019-07-05 at 06.53.32School streets were also discussed in detail and how these could be achieved and how this will need to be driven via individual parents engaging with the school their kids go to.
  2. Lobbying for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (Voters 11)
    LTNs change the nature of resident roads removing the need for cycling infrastructure. These must be community driven and not a Cycle Bath led thing. The discussion focused on how you should engage with your local councillor and community groups. As an example Future Weston Sustainable Transport group has been set up to work towards delivering LTNs.
  3. Two Tunnels ramp to Lyncombe Vale Road (Voters 5)
    Between the two tunnels the ramp down to Lyncombe Vale is a narrow dirt track with barb wire fencing on one side. A specific action was taken to progress this. It is one of the best traffic free/light access points to the city centre for anyone near the two tunnels.
  4. Pot Holes (Voters 5)
    It was felt that the council does not take pot holes seriously and what might be fine for cars is dangerous for bikes. Use fixmystreets app. If the issue is rejected, then bring it to the attention of the Cycle Bath Facebook group and we will get multiple people reporting the issue.
  5. Bath Living Heart (Voters 4)
    Work ongoing but not much to report.
  6. Path Verge Maintenance (Voters 3)
    We are in the ridiculous situation where anybody cycling to Bristol along the B2B can tell exactly when they leave BaNES. A 1 metre mow strip on all paths is not difficult to achieve with the right equipment. Pursuing a boom flail for the council and trying to push for better path design to support the use of it.
  7. Accessibility Issues (Cycle Design Vehicle 1.2m x 2.8m) (Voters 3)
    The CDV must become the standard vehicle that the council uses in all they deliver. Social safety was also discussed and many felt the two tunnels was completely off limits after 4pm on a winters day. Lighting is critical.This led into a discussion on the lack of officer training to deliver good cycle infrastructure as well as the decision to request that any painted cycle lane under 2m in width should be blacked out. Cycle lanes discourage passing manoeuvres. People also felt that the London Road Orcas should be replaced with a kerb or wands. People are parking in the cycle lane and creating a real danger.

    This led into a discussion that end-to-end networks were critical and London Road was held up as an example where the cycle infrastructure gives up just as you need it the most and once you get over the junction lights, the parking creates another dangerous situation as you go up the hill.

  8. Illegal and inconsiderate parking (Voters 2)
    Some discussion but this currently requires national legislation.
  9. 20 where people live (Voters 2)
    Not much to say.
  10. Resurfacing the B2B (Voters 1)
    It was discussed that this could be something done through WECA.
  11. Sustainable Transport Route – Green Park to B-B Path (Inc Locksbrook Bridge) (Voters 2)
    Big discussion with some people concerned that Cycle Bath cannot be seen to be supporting the Hartwells developer. We have criticised them but see these as issues that the developer can resolve. We worked with Curo on Mulberry Park (See Scholar’s Way). We worked on Spring Wharf (Roseberry Place). We worked on Chivers House (BBC Audio). We never comment on what buildings are being built simply the connectivity within the development. As a transport group we are focused on long term delivery of the Strategic Transport Route (STR a.k.a. Locksbrook Greenway) and connectivity. The impact of the STR on Bath will be immense in light of the new cycle investment. Ensuring that any development of Hartwells supports the delivery of the STR and provides good connections to it from the local community is critical. Criticising/praising what buildings are built on the site is something Cycle Bath will not do except in terms of secure cycle storage facilities.
    Screenshot 2019-06-26 at 06.43.56
  12. Two Tunnels tarmac to Wellow (Voters 1)
    It feels now that the owners are now closing the path for 10 Saturdays of the year. The path is becoming rutted and uncomfortable due to farm traffic. We’re pushing fro a permanent fix is needed.
  13. AOB:We are going to organise monthly Celebration Rides on a weekend.  We’d like to organise a Bath Half Marathon Route Ride on the day. I see no reason not to meet at 9-10am and ride the 7 mile route. We’ll be done within 30 minutes. We’d like the permission of the organisers as we do not want to interfere with the event in anyway.
  14. AOB: Car Free Sunday. Cllr Sarah Warren is extremely interested in this. Bath was the first UK city to have one of these and it’s about time it had another.

Apologies if I missed anything. Many of these issues will now be written up and taken to the Active Travel And Accessibility forum. Many people went away with actions to pursue. Names withheld to protect the innocent 😀

Work will continue through the facebook group Please be part of it. If I missed something please comment below or mention it on FB.



  1. Programme on TV:


    Channel 5, Tuesday July 9, 9.15 – 10.15, Cyclists: Scourge of the Streets?


    Might be interesting!




    Stephen Little


    Sent: Friday, July 05, 2019 at 7:47 AM

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