Cycle Bath Meeting July 4th 7:30pm Guild Co-Working Space

The Cycle Bath Facebook group was used to decide the day and time of the meeting to be more inclusive. The Guild Co-Working space have graciously provided us with the front room to use.

The FB group was also used to poll what people wanted to address. Working groups will be used on the night. If you have a passion for a specific issue, please come along and join in.

  1. Safer Routes To Schools (Voters 13)
  2. Lobbying for Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (Voters 11)
  3. Two Tunnels ramp to Lyncombe Vale Road (Voters 5)
  4. Pot Holes (Voters 5)
  5. Bath Living Heart (Voters 4)
  6. Path Verge Maintenance (Voters 3)
  7. Accessibility Issues (Cycle Design Vehicle 1.2m x 2.8m) (Voters 3)
  8. Illegal and inconsiderate parking (Voters 2)
  9. 20 where people live (Voters 2)
  10. Resurfacing the B2B (Voters 1)
  11. Sustainable Transport Route – Green Park to B-B Path (Inc Locksbrook Bridge) (Voters 2)
  12. Two Tunnels tarmac to Wellow (Voters 1)


  1. I thought this was due to be on Wednesday, not Thursday, but I cannot make either evening, so apologies for absence.


    Another issue with the B2B path which I noticed today is the vegetation encroaching and overhanging the path; this includes nettles and brambles, which apart from narrowing the path, can be dangerous when cyclists suddenly swerve to avoid getting stung or scratched.






    Sent: Sunday, June 30, 2019 at 8:57 PM

    • Meeting was agreed to be Wednesday at the last meeting, but it was also highlighted that the meeting was all men by Cllr Joanna Wright. This resulted in a poll asking FB Cycle Bath members what day/time would be better for all. Thursday’s at 7:30pm worked best for everyone and the meeting has been moved to create a more inclusive meeting.

      Issues with cutting should be raised by reporting them to the council via the Fix My Street app.

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