I want my street to be like this…

This is simply brilliant

Nicer cities, liveable places

I want my street to be like this…

Reclaiming residential streets, Dutch street design, and why this REALLY REALLY matters.

This might be the most important blog post I write on urban design – but it’s also been one of the most difficult. I want to demonstrate how to look at a quiet Dutch residential street, and to see what isn’t there – and to be amazed by that. Obviously that’s not an easy thing to do.

Look at this video. It’s quite a nice street isn’t it? Nice, but I don’t expect many people to be amazed by it. I’m going to try to change that. Perhaps you’re trying to encourage people to cycle in your city. You might look at this street and say ‘so what?’ – and go looking for one of my articles on segregated infrastructure. But if you do that you’re going to miss out…

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  1. Hi CBI have cycled quite a lot in Holland and, while it is great, there is an issue in that they come down hardon an individual level if you encroach anywhere designated for anything other than bikes. Surprisingly,as all ages seem to use bikes daily and recreate on bikes (even if they drive), woe betide a bike getting in the way of a car… Pedestrians will put up with almost anything… Perhaps it is an economic divide?Though the country does not seem riven the way we in UK are by poverty and inequality… Wherebike use (in safety!) would contribute so much…cheers, sPS Perhaps this is getting worse now I think of it…

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