State of play, Social Rides, and Club Ride Politics

We had planned by now to have some sort of monthly newsletter up and going but things have been rather busy.

What We’ve Been Up To

Cycle Bath has produced a document, viewable online here or downloadable as a pdf Cllr Shelford The Way Forward This document is now ‘locked’ but is probably one of the most comprehensive overview of ‘stuff that needs doing to get people cycling’ in BaNES ever produced. Expect yearly versions of this going forward.

Social Rides

The I Want To Ride section of the site is probably the most visited section of the website. We want to call attention to the newest addition to our Organised Rides page, the rather fantastic 30 Mile Thursdays. If we were to describe what they do, it very much is a ‘lovely’ ride out taking 3-4 hours to cover around 30 miles and eat cake. This is not club riding.


Club Rides Get Political

Our Cycle Clubs section is there for those people who are looking to get into sport cycling. Many of the clubs run a number of different rides each week and run rides for all abilities.

Cycle Bath wants to highlight Timsbury Cycle Group for the work they have put in raising awareness of issues with the Two Headed Man junction which Cycle Bath has written about. They now have the unanimous backing from their parish council for their request for safer cycling facilities to be designed into the ‘car only’ Two Headed Man scheme.


Bath CC has Nigel Sherwin as their rights officer. Timsbury Cycle Group has the rather awesome Stefano Marazzi. We’re not saying that all clubs should have a rights officer, but if there is somebody passionate about getting better cycle infrastructure, then your club can become a powerful voice within the community and at council level by simply recognising/appointing them as the Club’s Rights Officer and letting them gather like minded members around them and letting them get on with it.

Talking about voices, your feedback on Keynsham High Street Trial is needed or it will be scrapped. Email in and support it, or lose it.

Something For The Weekend

For something crazy to do this weekend, cycle over to Ashton Court and watch the balloons rise on Saturday morning. Gates open 6am, so a 5am start should get you there for 6:40ish, just in time to see the balloons go up! 😀


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