Fighting over scraps

I swear two of those pictures used in this article are from Bath which really isn’t saying much for Bath. We really need to change the conversation around road design. If we want healthy, efficient, safe urban streets, we must treat walking, cycling, and driving with equal importance and provide separate space for each with no one mode getting priority. Sharing really is bad.

As Easy As Riding A Bike

This week, it’s evidently the turn of ‘the joggists’ to be the folk devil in the media, helpfully standing in for ‘the cyclists’ who traditionally take on this popular and coveted role.

One isolated incident, in which a man committed what appears to be an unnecessary and unprovoked assault, has proven fertile territory for journalists and opinion columnists to veer off into stereotypes and ludicrous commentary, in much the same way they do following an incident involving someone on a bike. (It’s perhaps no surprise that it’s some familiar faces making precisely same kinds of arguments).

There was rich competition for the most absurd take, but a strong contender surely has to be Sky’s Adam Boulton, who weighed in with this gem –

With an inevitable dig at cyclists

Closely followed by Julie Bindel, who, on Radio 4’s Today Programme, implied that jogging on pavements in cities should be banned…

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  1. The second photo is the corner of Upper Bristol Rd by the RVP skate Park & playground. The woman in the picture is wearing a Uni of Bath netball hoody :o)

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