Avon and Somerset Police “Give space, stay safe” initiative

Avon and Somerset cycle groups, including CycleBath, petitioned PCC Sue Mountstevens to bring this to ASP.
Apparently getting police on bikes not only allows them to prevent close passes, but also connects them with their communities, and more importantly, enables them to capture more people driving using mobile phones.
In the West Midlands it has had a huge impact.
The Avon and Somerset Initiative was announced in the Bristol Post yesterday:
At the meeting on Wednesday I was informed they would be implementing this scheme, but wanted me to hold off saying anything until an official announcement.
We also discussed 3rd party video evidence and how to make it easier for submission and the acceptance of it. There is currently a court case in progress that they are waiting on the result. So watch this space. I will continue to press this hard as I see this key for many people.
This really is amazing news.


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