Events: How can walking and cycling be improved in Bearflat (Thu 26th Jan) and London Road (Tue 31st Jan) 3pm-6pm

Sustrans are working with Bath and North East Somerset Council as part of the Cycling Ambitions Fund 2 (CAF) to consider how walking and cycling in several areas throughout Bath could be improved. We will be engaging directly with local communities in order to understand the needs and aspirations of those living and working within the project areas.

As part of this process, Sustrans and BANES will be holding a number on-street events and running an online interactive map, giving people the opportunity to tell them what is currently stopping them from walking and cycling and which routes they use at the moment.

We would value your input into this process so please do come along to the events or log onto the online mapping tool and record your views ( &


Bearflat event is this Thursday the 26th of January: bear-flat-event(pdf)


London Road event is this Tuesday 31st of January:london-road-event(pdf)



  1. When I was a kid if you rode a bike on the path with pedestrians you would get told to get off and push it by the police. No 20 years on its been decided that it’s perfectly okay for bikes to be ridden on pedestrian routes and the road. So my suggestion is get bikes off of pedestrian ways they have wheels and move faster than walkers put them back on the roads where they belong(Np with them having cycle paths/lanes).

    • Agreed, cities with good cycle networks can get about 27% of their residents cycling BUT you need good visibly safe cycle paths/tracks with a priority to protecting the vulnerable. On road cycle paths also protect pedestrians from cars. There is so much benefit to doing this right.

      • There is plenty of room on BearFlat for bike lanes. I always ride up through Oldfield Park before riding on the pavement up the lower part of Bloomfield Road, then Hatfield Rd and the north side of Wellsway on the pavement, before crossing Wellsway halfway up to the opposite pavement. The opportunity for cycle lanes on Wellsway was missed about 10 years ago. Parking will be contentious where bike lanes are proposed.

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