Ben urges B&NES to sort out the traffic.

It’s good to see that Ben seems to be focusing on walking and cycling. However I’m guessing Ben didn’t get the more recent memo from the council where they admitted that the East Park And Ride would have no effect on congestion and that it was all about ‘future’ required capacity. This is all going on while in Wiltshire plans are moving ahead to open up Corsham Train Station with a high capacity car park sometime 2019 onwards. What’s significant about this is that they are predicting 400,000 journeys a year with a focus on people wanting to get to Swindon. Corsham could become a Bath Park and Rail site and double that number of journeys from that train station. I hope BaNES are supporting the case for opening the Corsham Train Station and in particular working with Wiltshire to create a good park and rail option for Bath.


Bath’s city roads are now operating at maximum capacity – says the city’s MP Ben Howlett – and that means any accident or obstruction within the system is causing chaos.

He’s jumped into the traffic issue fray by urging B&NES  to pull its finger out and take measures to ease things.

london road 1 London Road traffic.

Mr Howlett says Bath city centre has seen even worse congestion than normal in recent days. 

In a statement he says, “It is increasingly clear that the city’s roads are at maximum capacity and that any accident, or obstruction causes widespread traffic issues.  I am therefore calling on the Council to place renewed energy behind the Integrated Transport Strategy, which has received cross party support, to improve cycle paths, create safer non-car routes to schools and facilitate a stronger focus on walking in the city.  

I also urge the Council to take the long overdue…

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  1. Ben is just being a sensible politician : being seen to talk about an important issuewhen it’s become amplified locally. He’ll want (& probably need) to have nailed at least one of the Eastern Bath P&R and the A46/A36 link road by the 2020 election. He probably hasn’t been on a bicycle since he was a small child, & prefers to drive around central Bath for meetings – thereby adding to the problem himself.

    As far as I’m aware, B&NES supports Corsham reopening, but as it’s outside their patch there’s not a lot they can or would do about it. It gas the potential to take some cars out of Bath, but I doubt the M4 traffic would willingly use it.

    Can Cycle Bath pin Howlett down on a date for when he’ll come on a bicycle tour of the city to see what it’s like ? He’s promised before, but yet to deliver.

    • I’ll see what I can do. I have had Cllr Tim Warren, Cllr Martin Veal, and Cllr Vic Pritchard out on ebikes on a tour of Bath’s finest cycle infrastructure. I think it would be good to invite Ben Howlett and Cllr Anthony Clarke out on a ride as well.

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