Designing for people by erasing a car friendly past

Interesting how segregation is not being used here, but the nature of the road is being redefined. I’d be very interested in revisiting this area in 1 year. I have a feeling that pedestrian/cycling injuries will be up.


Utrecht has reconstructed a complicated five-arm junction. While it had been designed to suit the needs of the car for decades, it has now been reconstructed to be a place for people. Traffic can still get through the intersection, but especially motor traffic now needs to behave as a guest in an area that is used by people first.

ostadelaan1 The corner of Adriaen van Ostadelaan with Jan van Scorelstraat has become a very lively and people friendly place.

The Utrecht Adriaen van Ostadelaan and its five-arm intersection looked like a relic from another era. Multiple car lanes and traffic lights were needed to organise the traffic going in the five different directions. Most of the available space in the area was used for motor traffic lanes, a bit for incomplete cycle lanes and the least bit (that was left over) for the many pedestrians in this area. That there are…

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