S4CNL: Ja Alsjeblieft Assen

“One big message from all this is that to ‘Go Dutch’ does not mean having to give up your car. More realistically it is about giving you the choice to use it or not – a message with more mainstream appeal than some of the campaigns I’ve been involved with. ” I really like that paragraph. It is about enabling choice.

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So to lets start today with a stripy pole (I do like these – even the traffic light poles are stripy and I can’t think why as you’re hardly likely to miss them)…

…And a pretty bike.

One thing is clear from my brief visit to the Netherlands: car is still king. Bikes may be in a princely second place, but don’t be mistaken in thinking the Dutch have it mastered.

There are plenty of cars around in Assen. I see several driveways with two cars parked in them. The main golf course appears to have been sponsored by Audi and Volvo. And the motorways and main highways are jammed with the things.

Incidentally, Assen’s golf course hosts a lovely arboretum with a ‘fietspad’ (cycle path) down one side. And the clubhouse has a sign especially for cyclists inviting you to try their coffee and apple pie.

One big message…

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