Booking Bicycles on the Train: GWR made a broken system mandatory

GWR really have failed to put in the right processes and systems to accommodate the booking changes. They need to relax their booking policy until they resolve these fundamental issues.


If you want to take a train somewhere the benefits of reserving space for your bum are as obvious as benefits of not. If you need the flexibility, you risk not being able to find the room. This should be the same for reserving a space for your bike. However Great Western Railway have decided to make reserving a space for bicycles, and only bicycles, mandatory for some of their trains.

With rail being one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel GWR’s choice to make travelling by bike and train more inconvenient is frustrating and baffling. Thus I signed the petition against this policy last week. Soon after signing I ran into the ugly consequences of GWR’s backwards policy.

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  1. I experienced this problem with GWR today. It drives me nuts, they really need to sort it out.

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