London has ruined the perception of cycling in the UK

As “leader” of the cyclists in Bath, my recent trip to London pretty much confirmed my worst fears. All the segregated cycle infrastructure in London is not good. Not good at all. It’s ruining cycling for the rest the UK. I mean seriously.

People are not wearing Lycra!

Where is all the safety gear??!

I had to have it pointed out to me :/

Cycle paths are for cyclists!

Horses WTF?

Wheelchairs? Really?

You can stay…

Oi Joggers, go demand your own infra!

Scooters? Really?

Disgusting lack of red light running!

Phew, normal behaviour at last!

Pedestrians getting outraged by the amount of space given to cyclists.

Yup that road has been ruined by cycle infrastructure…

and this one…

and definitely this one…

We should be giving more space to cars…

and definitely less of this…


The way you design your road infrastructure determines the way people behave. YOU GET THE BEHAVIOUR YOU DESERVE. Building good cycling infrastructure serves SO many other groups. I was amazed at the number of people with disabilities using the space. How safe it was for kids. KIDS. How many women were using it. How, PEOPLE, not “lycra louts”, were all enjoying the space, travelling healthily to work.

London keep up the good work!


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