30 Miles Thursday in search of boiled fruit cake


Join Thirty Mile Thursday this Thursday 26th May as we explore new lands, and head for Green Ore, just this side of Wells, thanks to Julian. We are promised  boiled fruit cake on arrival and maybe a slug of Greenore whiskey. Yes.

Expect some hills, but also some simply stunning countryside. Out through the 2 Tunnels, then cycle route to Radstock, then lanes. This ride is 36 miles return from Kingsmead Square, (leaves 09:30) or 32 miles from entrance to 2 Tunnels (leaves 09:45).

Everyone is welcome, You definitely don’t need lycra or any go-faster stuff as we don’t know what fast is, but you do need a bike in good condition. If you have just fished your bike out of the garden shed, or don’t usually ride this distance on it, it is worth getting it looked over by a bike shop. In particular check, tyres, brakes and gears.

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