INFORMAL CONSULTATION – Proposed Zebra Crossing, Copseland & Oakley junction, Bathwick

I’ve somehow got myself onto a list of TRO announcements. This has enabled me to provide feedback to proposed schemes and also get comments from people on the CycleBath email group and the CycleBath Facebook page. However I think it’s important that people know we do this and maybe also add their own comments. Comments need to be in within the next 10 days at the bottom of this post.

INFORMAL CONSULTATION - Proposed Zebra Crossing, Copseland & Oakley junction, Bathwick
INFORMAL CONSULTATION – Proposed Zebra Crossing, Copseland & Oakley junction, Bathwick

My comments I have submitted are:

The route from Rainbow Woods to the University is also heavily cycled. This should be a tiger crossing not a zebra crossing.
This specific junction was raised at the last Cycle Forum and I recently made some comments about how North Road is particularly popular for people cycling up to the university. I note that a lowered kerb is marked at the junction with Bathwick Hill and North Road with the intention to create a shared path enabling cyclists to ride behind the bus stop. However the proposed design removes the “safe” disembarking area and will create a point where cyclists riding up the shared path are on a collision course with people stepping on/off the bus.
The path beside the wall needs widening significantly to 3m
This bin also should be removed.

I have highlighted the areas of concern on the proposed drawing

1) A lowered kerb on the North Road to enable easy joining path and getting from path onto North Road. If a cyclist was trying to go down North Road, you have placed the boarding point too close to the junction creating an unnecessary conflict point. Any cyclist coming up Bathwick Hill will need to ride into the North Road junction. Moving the dropped kerb further along will give priority for the cyclist to go past the North Road junction.
2) The triangles are grass. These need to be replaced with tarmac/flat brickwork to create a better shared space.
3) The width of the path (marked with a red line) should be at least 3m here to enable people to step off a bus and not into the path of a bicycle. Consideration should be made that at some point a bus shelter may be placed here and cyclist should be able to go round the back of the shelter.
4) The bin on the corner needs moving and the space by the corner sorting to create a 3m wide corridor to enable safer interaction.
As stated, the zebra crossing should be a tiger crossing. So many people cycle this route.
AndyB also raised:
I cycle through this junction fairly often (by bike). The sanctuary offered at the top of Bathwick Hill for turning right down North Road is shown to be lost on the Council plan. The implications of this loss need to be considered.
There are also comments on the Facebook thread I have also passed on.​ Please provide your feedback. Bathwick Hill and particularly North Road are important cycle routes to the University.

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