CCAG Bath East now in the Bath Chronicle!

Some of you may have noticed Cycle Bath is in the paper this week detailing the Cycle City Ambition Grant Bath East proposal. I have to thank the Bath Chronicle for being patient with me and working towards a fantastic article. Apparently this is the first time they had done such a thing and felt it was very positive experience. It’s resulted in a fantastic two page spread.

The main story is now on their website…/story-26302958-…/story.html

The story was so big that they split it into 3 further articles:

Cycle Bath proposal for east Bath: Grosvenor Bridge Ramp to Larkhall route

Cycle Bath proposal for east Bath: Sydney Gardens to Grosvenor Bridge Ramp route

Cycle Bath proposal for east Bath: Grosvenor Bridge Ramp to Batheaston route

And now a rather ominous warning….

Bath Chronicle April 9th 2015 CCAG Bath East Proposal
Bath Chronicle April 9th 2015 CCAG Bath East Proposal

I cannot stress however that this is a PROPOSAL and there will be major opposition. The idea that you want to unlock a gate at the back of Sydney Gardens park and put a 10m connecting path from the gate to an existing park path, will be opposed.

Enabling flat access from the park to the towpath via a new toucan will not be viable without this access.

Currently the only way to access the towpath is via a grade 1 listed set of stairs and riding along a narrow unguarded towpath under the road.

In one blow, the core goal, a connected good network from Larkhall/Batheaston to the heart of the city, is broken.

I am stating the above because I will fight tooth and nail to get this in place. I want people to know that if you plan on opposing this park access, I will accuse you of blatant discrimination against people with disabilities. I will accuse you of finding it acceptable that children riding under the road are at a drowning risk. I will accuse you of perpetuating pollution levels in this beautiful city that I love. Of perpetuating pollution damage to Bath’s historic buildings and residents health. People want to have a safe, good connected cycle network and the ability to choose a healthy transport option. You are stopping this choice. You are deciding that the rest of the city can go f*ck itself because you don’t want ‘even more cyclists’ riding legally through ‘our’ park. You are ignoring that this is providing a fantastic route for children and unconfident people cycling. That it  provides brilliant access from the park to the towpath for wheelchairs.

Do not be that person. Recognise that competent cyclists won’t choose this route. It’s less direct and slower than joining the main roads. Recognise that this will make the park a fantastic tourist destination. Recognise the inherent discrimination in your opposition.

Adam Reynolds

Cycle Bath Chair and damn proud to be a Bathonian.

[Addition 14/4/2015]

While investigating Sydney Gardens maps, I came across the original design:


So ‘technically’ all we want is the reestablishment of an original access point to the pleasure park.


  1. phew! Some amazing stuff Adam your persistence and drive is stunning in getting these proposals so widely publicised.

  2. Nice one Adam for getting that two page spread in the chronic – I’m sure it will provoke some interesting (and dull) comment. One thing I realise is how important it will be to watch the bastads knowing that there is only £675k for east Bath, remembering what they are doing with almost twice that on seven dials…… Anyway good on you for putting the case so well and making people aware of what really needs doing. Best wishes Nic Jones

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