Odd Down Cycle circuit

Why Does the  circuit need to be locked up when not being used by cycling clubs and organisations? It would be nice if parents and the community could use it with children to give them confidence cycling in a safe environment at a time which suits them.


  1. It doesn’t need to be. All the ‘reasons’ given are spurious especially the H&S ones, which basically boils down to fear of litigation. When not in use for organised sessions it should be open gate for all to use.

  2. I asked this question to BANES when they had an exhibition. The main answer was that they didn’t want the surface ruined by motor vehicles. I understood that BANES were responsible for the upkeep of the surface. My comments about safe environments for learning etc., like yours, fell on deaf ears as there were a number of options available for learning.

  3. Too simple – this is BANES. I was particularly annoyed that they charge £1 a session and the sessions are rare and/or just after school time. Whilst this might seem very little, for some families this represents fair chunk of their disposable income. Once again, deaf ears. The roads are free, it just that your child might get killed.

  4. We live in Sulis Meadows and still have never had a ride on the circuit. Just cannot work out how and when to get to a session. Also cannot understand why it has to be locked (I have seen parents lift their child’s bike over the fence and let them cycle when it’s locked).
    Instead we go down to the Midford to Wellow cyle path or cycle along the canal.

    • It’s a strange situation and one that people effectively ignore by doing exactly as you describe. It doesn’t need to be locked. It just needs a sign up saying that when booked the circuit is closed to public.

  5. Ho, ho ho – Your prayers have been answered. I’ve just checked and it has all changed. This is on the BANES/Go by Bike website…..

    NEW: Open access to the cycle circuit

    The sports facilities at Odd Down playing fields now have a site manager and support staff so the Council are able to open up access to the cycle circuit 7 days a week 9am – 5pm/dusk. As long as there isn’t a session running on the circuit any member of public can sign in, pay £1 per person and then cycle on the circuit. To plan your visit for when the circuit will be free please see what times the regular sessions run (below) but be aware that in addition to these sessions, schools and British Cycling also book the circuit. Please phone Tim Kirk on 07530 263580 to check when the circuit is available to avoid disappointment. There is limited parking on site, please go to the green portacabin by the 3G astro pitch to sign in and pay the £1 fee before being let onto the circuit. Bikes are only available to hire during the regular supervised sessions which have now mostly stopped for the winter months but will resume in February/March (see below).

    ps. If you live in Odd Down, Sainsbury’s car park is free and relatively quiet after 4.15 on Sundays!!!

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