A4 Ramp Update Photographs

Pictures of the A4 ramp taken this weekend and a smattering of looking at the Lidl development.

Top entrance. Wide enough access (sans bollards). Just a shame it exits on to the narrowest section on pavement, right next to a bus stop.

A gentle slope down…
…to the very slightly steeper bend that’s not as tight as I imagined.
Another gentle slope down…
…to the 90 degree exit onto the Bath to Bristol Path
A trim of the vegetation to provide a vision splay to see oncoming bikes would be useful.

Overall this is going to be a great addition to Bath’s cycling (& walking) infrastructure. Much better than climbing the steep steps & playing Russian roulette with the traffic. PS The first 50m of the new shared path down to the Globe has been dug up for resurfacing. Hopefully the rest will be also done to remove those annoying bumps. SAM_0686 The crossing down at Lidl. Not raised like main Sainsburys, but hopefully cars will give way. SAM_0683

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