Claude Avenue Ramp – BaNES makes the space dangerous

Claude Avenue ramp has been the centre of bollard gate, but more importantly we have discussed it at length as to what needs to happen. In fact, we even suggested a fix for this space that would have given people that cycle a safe road to ramp onboarding point, discouraging them from the necessary pavement cycling, and, more importantly, giving children walking, scooting or cycling off the ramp a really safe protected zone along the bridge using parked cars as a ‘shield’.

We asked for it and were told that because it would require moving existing parking that it would be politically hard to do. Apparently though you can move the bus stop and build a massive bus build out and make this space extremely dangerous.

This is what we asked for:

Claude Avenue Ramp Ultimate Solution.
Claude Avenue Ramp Ultimate Solution.

It provides a good onboarding point for people that cycle obviating the current need to ride along the footpath as the kerb is too steep. It gives the bus stop the right space for it to work properly. It protects the route along the bridge footpath for children walking to school.

This morning I found this:

2015-02-14 08.22.22 2015-02-14 08.21.58 2015-02-14 08.21.47 2015-02-14 08.20.41 2015-02-14 08.20.18 2015-02-14 08.18.19

I’m sort of shocked. They MOVED the damn bus stop further along. They REMOVED 3 parking spaces. They’ve made it even harder for somebody in a wheelchair to get to the bus stop from the other side. They created a pinch point as the bus outbuild is massively wider than it should be.

I’m impressed they’ve removed 3 parking spaces without ‘political fallout’, but as the parking spaces are not in front of residents houses…I guess that’s easier to do than I’ve been told.

Now I know there are good people working in BaNES. I work with them almost on a weekly basis. They are doing great stuff but seriously there is a fundamental problem between departments when this type of dangerous infrastructure can be built without the good people being involved.

I’m not going to name names but our proposed solution has been raised with councillors, traffic engineers, highways, cycling and walking, even the road safety team. The list goes on and on. So whichever department is responsible for bus stop installation is an absolute arse and pretty much working in it’s own little world blackening the name of ALL the other people working hard to make cycling a viable healthy transportation choice in the city.

I want this ripped out. I don’t want any excuses. This is flat out dangerous and has been built without any consideration for the existing infrastructure and use in the area. The Two Tunnels route is a MAJOR traffic free route used by 1000s EACH DAY, some of them are children walking to Oldfield Junior School.

Whichever department installed this has really got a lot to answer for. You need to start talking to other departments in the council. You are working in the public space. There is so much more going on in that space other than making bus stops better.

I’m guessing with the bus stop moved opposite the ramp, and the bus build out now creating a pinch point at the entrance to the ramp, we literally cannot make this space any more dangerous. 😦

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