B&NES Budget 2015/16 – Headline Numbers for Cycling

From http://democracy.bathnes.gov.uk/mgConvert2PDF.aspx?ID=34441 the key cycling items I could identify are:

Page 11 – £100K to meet the costs of the Council hosting cycling events in 2015/16 including the City Cycle Race Series

Page 20 – £100k of the Corporate Supported Borrowing funds cycling schemes identified from the Sustrans review of cycle networks within the city as outlined in the Getting Around Bath Transport Strategy. The further £1m of Corporate Supported Borrowing will fund additional pedestrian schemes (£400k), additional cycle schemes (£400k) and 20mph scheme adaptations (£200k)

Page 31 – Cycle City Ambition Fund – The Council is submitting a bid to DfT (at their invitation) for funding for the continuation of the Cycle City Ambition Fund with Bristol CC and South Gloucestershire Council. This could bring in approx. £3.8m of capital funding over the period 2015/16 to 2017/18 to develop cycling commuter routes and optimise economic benefits. If successful this will become an additional set of projects in the Capital Programme commencing in 2015/2016.

Other items such as Saw Close, Enterprise Area, Metrowest, Green Park, Innovation Quay, which each contain cycling elements, are listed individually.

Page 25 – Also interesting to note – A36 Lower Bristol Road Bus Lane for Provisional Approval of £3m. Let’s hope we get to see the proposals and how cycling will be incorporated.

(I assume, but can’t confirm, that having been discussed at Cabinet Wed 11 Feb, the budget now has to be approved by full council.)

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