Developing a Strategy for Keynsham Consultation

Stefano of the Timsbury Posse brought this to my attention.

Bath & North East Somerset Council has launched a new draft transport strategy for Keynsham and wants to hear your views. The aim is to reduce congestion and allow people to move around to make the long-term economic strategy for the area work. The Draft Strategy has a vision for transport in Keynsham which is:

To minimise the negative effects of traffic congestion in and around Keynsham and ensuring it retains its independence and its separate identity within an attractive rural setting by becoming a more sustainable, desirable and well-connected place in which to live and work.

They want our opinions and with statements like this in their consultation document they are definitely going to get them:

2.85 Key Action: Pursue specific junction improvements and investigate other measures 
The existing Wellsway, Bath Road, Bath Hill mini-roundabout is converted to a 
signalised junction to increase its capacity; 
Two southbound lanes are provided at the proposed Keynsham Road / Avon Mill 
Lane signalised junction; 
A study into Hick’s Gate is undertaken to determine a suitable scheme to increase 
its capacity; 
Investigate schemes to introduce one-way operation on the High Street in the short 
term, possibly during off-peak hours only (10:00-16:00); 
Investigate other strategic improvements that could reduce the volume of through 
traffic in the town centre, allowing one-way operation of the High Street to cater for 
the predicted increases in future traffic demand.
Since when do signalised junctions increase capacity over roundabouts (mathematical proof roundabouts are better is here)? Document available on the consultation website here. A more detailed analysis by yours truly to follow up at some point but it looks like they just want to ram vehicles through the middle of Keynsham as quickly as possible.

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