New EV charging points

The council enabling and encouraging residents to swap their *private* petrol/diesel cars for *private* electric cars is always going to be problematic.

However what they do in car parks is really up to them BUT this location “Railway Place, Bath (adjacent to Bath railway station): 2 x rapid (50kW)” should be carefully watched. This is an on-street charging station. Will pavement space be re-allocated to the charging station? Will it be *in-street*? Why is one space not dedicated to an eCar share club? Given the number of carparks in the vicinity why place one here? Why is this not a bank of eCar club spaces and eScooter/eBike/eCargobike hire stations?

The council needs to tackle private car ownership head on and the only way it will achieve this is by putting shared mobility eHUBs on every street corner Give people access to an electric car (of different sizes) should they need one, but give them options to grab an eBike, eCargobike, eScooter, or even an eVan.

Fundamentally the problem is one of pollution getting into the food chain ( that Electric Vehicles makes worse and we need to get people moving around our region using the minimum viable sustainable transport mode and that means putting *private* cars at the back of the queue, prioritising walking/wheeling, then cycling, then public transport/shared transport (taxis), then eCar clubs, then, and only then, private cars.

Using public street space to enable private car ownership is completely wrong, goes against the principles set out in the the Journey To Net Zero document ( and needs calling out.

Dear council, do not set a precedent by using public space to enable and encourage swapping of like for like private cars. Enable people to give up their cars, but have access to one should they need it. That is a much more equitable approach.


L-R: Councillor Sarah Warren and Councillor Kevin Guy, Council Leader, at one of the new electric vehicle charging points in Bath

Thirty new electric charging points are being installed across Bath and North East Somerset Council, following the expansion of the Revive vehicle charging network.

As part of its efforts to reduce transport emissions in the drive for net-zero, B&NES is installing new electric vehicle (EV) charge points. Users can sign up at

The bays are being installed at eight locations across the district including 16 rapid (50kW) and 14 fast (22kW) public charging bays.

The new EV charging facilities are at the following locations:

  • Kingsmead Square car park, Bath: 4 x fast (22kW) bays
  • Charlotte St car park, Bath: 2 x fast (22kW), 6 x rapid (50kW),
  • Larkhall car park, Bath: 2 x fast (22kW) bays
  • Claverton Rd car park, Widcombe, Bath: 2 x fast (22kw) bays


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  1. Realistically I think the council *do* need to put EV chargers in key places. Especially fast chargers in convenient places like the train station.

    I wouldn’t mix that with the issue of private car ownership. Realistically it’s going to be an uphill strategy to change the culture of private car ownership in Bath as quickly as you might like. It’s too ingrained.

    And pragmatically it’s never quite one thugs vs the other. It’ll be a case of doing lots of things at the same time. Cars will play one part of that. It’ll probably only really change if there are a lot of car share options all over Bath including the residential bits. Although that’ll need a lot of investment.

    kind of agree with your bigger sentiment but realistically I think the council can do both things at once:

    . I think it makes sense to put EV charge points in

    • The location is likely to be where the 15 Next Bike stands were so would have been an ideal location for eScooters, eBikes, or even shop mobility. Placing TWO EV charging points directly outside the train station is very very naive and short sighted. People will *drive* to them creating even more traffic in the area. Consider that there are already charging points in the podium. Also why are they not installing these in the railway station car parks? Within the framework of the Sustainable Transport Hierarchy as set out in the Journey to Net Zero document, this is an unbelievably bad use of this space prioritising private cars over other sustainable transport options.

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