Masterplan for Milsom Quarter

Really great find by Richard. The video is worth watching although the graphic at 4:45 is key. The key to making Milsom Street a great space is solving the conundrum of Park and Ride buses using Milsom Street and the only way I could solve that was by making Broad Street two way for buses with a drop off outside the Hilton. Also there seems to be a disconnect between the commitment to develop a circulation plan for the city, the 4 cells concept, and this video. Walk Ride Bath’s Living Heart ( developed over years with multiple inputs from many many people is a masterplan for the whole city centre, not just the Milsom Quarter. If you’re going to try and fix Milsom Street you need a masterplan for the city centre first to provide the necessary context. This feels like council departments are going off and doing their own thing without talking to each other. Admittedly they have given themselves 20 years to get this right but I could see this wrecking the critical circulation plan for the city. It might be worth having the officers involved in developing this have a read through the Journey to Net Zero documents


What Milsom Street could look like

How about this for a plan? The residential development of the Cattle Market site, a new Fashion Museum and public square, AND the saving of the old King Edward’s School in Broad Street.

Cattle Market site

Just some of the ambitions set out in what B&NES is calling the Milsom Quarter Masterplan which – if implemented over the next twenty years – will radically change the look of the north side of the Bath’s city centre.

Screenshot from the video

What is proposed is outlined in a neat little video they have quietly slipped onto YouTube without any fanfare.

Do have a look, but here’s a transcript of the detail it contains.

“The Milsom Quarter Masterplan concerns the north side of Bath city centre and the developments would be delivered over the next twenty years.

From its past as a medieval centre of trade…

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  1. Would it not be possible to send the P&R via Queens Sq? Although, come to think if it, would like to see that largely closed to vehicles…

    What ever has happened to Liveable Neighbourhoods at the moment?

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