Why North Road Matters – for Public Health, Social Justice and the Climate Emergency

Cllr Joanna Wright

Bath and North East Somerset Council during the pandemic was asked by the Dept for Transport (DfT) to put in measures that enabled those using public transport to take active travel alternatives. The Dept for Transport gave specific guidance about how this money could be spent. The scheme’s locations were selected, due to the DfT criteria for routes where there had been high bus use. They were also chosen because of the information put into the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Program (LCWIP).

Officers at the Council have been putting together a master cycle plan map of Bath. The schemes chosen to be on the Dept for Transport Active Travel Schemes were selected from this master plan.

The two routes progressed to the DfT for funding were the Upper Bristol Road and North Road with Beckford Road. As the Joint Cabinet for Transport at B&NES during the decision process, I…

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