Making roads safer

London has over 500 school streets, many being enforced using this legislation. With West of England Combined Authority providing £5m in funding for a 5 year program of Liveable Neighbourhoods to the council and an estimated 25% of rush hour traffic being the school run, this will enable delivery of many camera enforced School Streets and get many more kids walking and cycling to school reducing congestion across the city.


B&NES is asking the Government for powers to enforce moving traffic offences, such as the violation of yellow box junctions, banned turns and driving in formal cycle lanes to help make roads safer and tackle congestion. Enforceable offences would not however currently include speeding as national legislation does not allow for it.

To secure the powers from the Department for Transport the council must demonstrate why compliance can only be achieved with enforcement rather than an engineering solution and how it would benefit road users. This is why the following locations were chosen for the initial application.

The council is proposing enforcing restrictions with ANPR at the following initial locations:

 Charles St/Monmouth Street, Bath – yellow box and banned turn

 George Street/Gay Street, Bath –banned turn

 Brook Road, Bath – commercial vehicle weight restriction

 Newbridge Road/Newbridge Hill, Bath – banned turn

 High Street/Bath Hill/Temple Street…

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