Things have got to change?


People are being asked for their views on life-changing ideas to tackle the impact of travel on our local climate. They include removing through traffic from Bath city centre and a new mass transit system for Bath and are set out in a ground-breaking transport document published by Bath & North East Somerset Council.

The Journey to Net Zero plan sets out the changes that need to be made to the way people move around our area if the council is to meet its goal of carbon neutrality for Bath and North East Somerset by 2030.

Transport accounts for 29% of the district’s carbon emissions. Analysis of how to reduce transport emissions following the council’s climate emergency declaration in 2019 suggested that the targets should be:

  • to reduce vehicle mileage by 25% per person
  • a shift to 76% Zero & Ultra Low Emission vehicles (ULEV) and 14% hybrid vehicles
  • only…

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  1. Hi I just wanted to point out that the ‘registration’ link on the doc below is in fact a ‘joining’ link, so I was unable to register. Thanks Annie


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