Your chance to have a final say on active travel schemes – B&NES press release

These are the final Traffic Regulation Orders for Upper Bristol Road and Beckford Road.
Upper Bristol Road technical analysis:
1) The loading bay outside the Hop Pole should be moved to Midland Road with no impact on deliveries.
2) The “floated” parking is excellent however the mandatory cycle lane stops before the parking and becomes an advisory cycle lane allowing parking in the cycle lane. This should be made mandatory and the door zone should use wands to prevent cycle lane ingress. We recognise the door zone will result in a narrow cycle lane.
3) The carriageway width varies from 5.7m to 7.4m in width while cycle lanes maintain 1.5m throughout the scheme. LTN 1/20 states cycle lanes should only be 1.5m where absolutely necessary while carriageway lanes should be 3m or less (6m) or 4.5m or greater (9m) wide to discourage close passes. The carriageway throughout the scheme should be 6m or less with the cycle lanes widening to take up the free space. This helps protect pedestrians and allows easy overtaking in the cycle lanes while mitigating close passes.
4) The continuous footways should use dutch kerbs and be built as continuous footways not speed humps. Motorists should feel they are a guest when entering these spaces and that they should defer to pedestrians.
Beckford Road Technical Analysis:
1) Use of speed humps rather than continuous footways. Particularly Beckford Gardens and Darlington Road Junction.
2) The splays into Beckford Gardens allows driver speed to be maintained. This could have been a much sharper turn and a possible pocket park.
General comment on both designs: The use of flexible wands every 15m in response to a concern from fire services, when they can be easily driven over or removed is strange. Also it makes no sense where there are no properties. Wands encourage cars to pass wider and make people feel safer when cycling.

A more detailed write-up with example diagrams will follow this weekend!

Of Pollinators and Placards

People are being given the chance to have a final say on two schemes to improve walking and cycling routes in Bath to encourage more active ways of travelling.

Bath & North East Somerset Council’s cabinet approved the introduction of active travel schemes along the A4 Upper Bristol Road and A36 Beckford Road earlier this year.

However, to create segregated cycle lanes along each route the council needs to make changes to parking restrictions. The proposed changes will be published in Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) on Thursday 2 December and advertised for a statutory 21-day period to giveresidents and businesses a final opportunity to support or object to the proposals.

Deputy Leader and cabinet member for Climate and Sustainable Travel said Councillor Sarah Warren, said: “This is the final consultation stage ahead of the introduction of these eagerly anticipated active travel schemes We’ve listened to people and there was strong…

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