Help us improve travel routes

The A367 route runs from the Bath Bus Station all the way to Radstock. I suspect this route will impact the majority of Bath, Peasedown St John, and Radstock/MSN residents as well as villages along the route. It’s probably the first time a major corridor south out of Bath will eventually be completely safe for an 8 year old to cycle.


Do you live near or travel along the A37 or A367? How do you travel? Have you experienced congestion, poor air quality or other issues on these routes?

Do you have ideas on what improvements should be prioritised to help people move around more easily and sustainably?  If so, we want to hear from you. 

The West of England Combined Authority is launching a joint survey with Bath &North EastSomerset Council to help us make choices and put together proposals to improve transport on the two key routes between Midsomer Norton, Radstock, Westfield and Bath/Bristol.

The aim is to encourage people to be less dependent on their cars by improving bus services and walking and cycling infrastructure. Feedback from residents will be key to developing plans for the A37/A367.

To take part in the survey and find out more

The A37/A367 Corridor Survey closes on 19 December 2021…

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