Saddle up Saturday

These rides are an extremely powerful visual message to our council that if they are truly committed to tackling the Climate Emergency and reducing road miles driven by 25% by 2030, that parents must feel comfortable letting their kids ride to school independently. With upwards of 25% of rush hour traffic down to the school run, we really need good high quality cycle infrastructure that enables kids to cycle to school. Your support for these rides is simply invaluable in sending a message to our council that parents cannot be expected to send their kids out on bikes to share roads with aggressive car drivers. If you want system change, if you want safe space for cycling, then come along and send a clear message to the council that they need to act now! It’s also amazing fun.


More pedal power on view in Bath this coming Saturday.

Saskia Heijltjes writes:

 I wanted to invite you to come along to the next Kidical Mass bike ride. We’ll be riding through town and ringing our bells, starting from Orange Grove at 11am on Saturday.

As with previous rides, we’ll be celebrating cycling and showing that we need safe spaces to cycle.

We’ve themed this one “back to school” because children will be returning to school this or next week. Wouldn’t it be lovely if it was safe enough for (more) children to cycle to school?

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  1. Be great to get more people walking and cycling to school and all of us to do less in our cars. Though are all school run drivers aggressive? I was once a school run driver – not sure I was aggressive.

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