Make room for us.

I really cannot impress upon everyone how important it is to be there this Saturday and send this new cabinet a message that we need them to get on with delivering these active travel schemes! Should be a lot of fun (even if the weather doesn’t hold out)! Remember to bring a picnic!


Let’s hope fine weather helps a group of Bath parents – who are organizing a mass family bike ride and picnic next Saturday – bring out large numbers to help them make their point. the 22nd of May, the first in Bath & NE Somerset

Frustrated – they say – at the hostility of a minority toward making the streets safer for most people, especially the disabled and children, to walk, scoot, or cycle, Bath parents Tom Garstin, Saskia Heijltjes and Wendy Zakiewicz have decided to remind the council of the demand for, and their promise to give us, people-friendly streets.

They are organising Bath’s first Kidical Mass family bike ride with a start point at 11 am in Orange Grove.

They’re calling on the new council cabinet to keep its promises and match the leadership of their predecessors who made such great progress in listening to and hearing…

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