We’ll honour our electoral promises

I think it’s important that the *public* consultation report/analysis is published by the council and not just shared with the cabinet.


Tonight, a dramatic intervention by the soon to be new leader of B&NES that the ruling Lib Dem group will honour its manifesto promises that swept them to power two years ago.

Cllr Guy was replying to three emails he has now received from environmental campaigner Vipul Patel – concerned that recent events suggested the council might water down its commitments to cleaning up the air and tackling congestion, speeding and rat runs – after evidences of some dissension involving some Lib Dem councillors.

His reply is given in full later in this article.

Mr Patel’s intervention comes at a time when there seems to be a growing hostility to any council move to restrict city traffic in the name of cleaner air, tackling congestion, speeding, rat runs or trying to get people to exercise more by walking or cycling and – when they absolutely have to – opting for…

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