Bath NES Liveable Streets

I’m just going to copy directly from the website

How we can we make walking and cycling safer and more attractive in Bath and North East Somerset?

Bath and North East Somerset Council is looking at changes to our roads and pavements to make walking and cycling more appealing, whilst supporting people who depend on a vehicle for their mobility.

During this challenging period the Government is urging all of us to consider more active ways to travel. It is crucial that we take pressure off roads and public transport networks and rethink how we use private vehicles and where we park. The Council will be putting in place new measures that support social distancing plus deliver measures that can support Liveable Neighbourhoods, including access restrictions.

Help us by identifying locations on the map where we can create more space for walking and cycling, or look at ways to reduce the impact of traffic. The financial impact of the pandemic has been severe, so using our limited budgets and resources effectively is critical, your information will help us focus our efforts in the right places.

Sign up here and await the launch!

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