Cycle Bath Meeting This Wednesday (18th September)

Meet 19:30 at the Guild Co-Working space. Event details here.

Attendees will get a #ClosePass Driver Education Stencil Kit. Please use irresponsibly.

Agenda so far:

1) Bath Cycling Charter (see
2) Family Friendly Critical Mass for Saturday 21st to coincide with Car Free Milsom Street that weekend?
3) AOB (Please add below!)
— Secure Bike Parking


  1. Hi Andy – you may have posted this yesterday, but it didn’t arrive in my email box until 0728 this morning, giving me just 12 hours notice. Could you post these notices a bit earlier? Thanks.

    • Hi, the Facebook group is pretty much where this has been discussed. I will however endeavour to post it here as soon as an agreed meeting day/time is arrived at. (We run a poll on the FB group to accommodate most people).


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