Cycle Bath Meeting, Guild Hub 6:30pm Today (Wednesday 29th of May)

Apologies for the late notification, there is a meeting this evening.

The Guild Hub Co-Working space is to the left of the Guild Market.
0) New council, now what?
1) Low Traffic Neighbourhoods:- An introduction to engaging your neighbourhood community and enabling these to happen.
2) Hartwell Site Consultation response
3) Active Travel Forum priorities
– Oxfordshire Cycling and Walking Standards
4) Cycle Bath social rides/events. CB really is too focused on the political and I think it would be good to have the odd (cargo) bike ride/picnic or two.
5) Commitment to regular monthly ride + meet beginning June.
6) Accessible Bath. Why do we still have things like Claude Avenue

We are expecting Cllr Joanna Wright (Cabinet member for Transport) to come along (based on the FB confirmation).

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