From main road to attractive people’s space


Utrecht is reconstructing the streets directly around the historic city centre. These streets, alongside the former city wall and moat, were once supposed to become a four lane main road. For that the water would have disappeared. That never happened at this location but the streets did become a main route for motor traffic for decades. Now the streets have been designated as a main cycle route around the city centre. The design of the streets is being changed accordingly. The second stage of this project has just been finished and a third stage is under construction.

The reconstructed Maliesingel in Utrecht has first and foremost become a main cycle route. The area is now also an attractive urban space where people may want to linger longer.

Two years ago I showed you the first stage of this project. The streets named Maliesingel and Tolsteegsingel were transformed from a…

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  1. London road has got signs set into pavement allowing/encouraging cyclists and pedestrians share that space – can we please have more of them and a way to apply for that signage to be used on specific routes.  thank you,  Malena

    • London Road share path really does not work too well for people that are visually impaired and many people that walk along there feel threatened by people that cycle it. We really need to design for foot traffic, cycle traffic, and vehicle traffic with each given their own space.

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