The thin end of the wedge

A picture is a thousand words.


Well Done!

The work of council officers, Cycle Bath, Bath Cycling Club, Transition Larkhall, and Cllr Mark Shelford needs to be recognised in getting to this point where we now have an example of a Light Segregated (protected) on-road cycle lane in Bath and North East Somerset.

More needs to be doneIMG_20180704_143826

Is it perfect? Absolutely not, but it clearly demonstrates that we can build protected on-road cycle lanes cheaply and for that the council must be congratulated.

Personally I’d love to see the two bus stops amalgamated into one, the protected cycle lane continued down to the Morrisons junction, and a bus bulb (having buses stop in the traffic) and bus stop bypass installed.

There’s even a Spanish company that produces a temporary bus bulb with which we could experiment with.


Why can’t we have one here?

The cycle build-out is being redesigned this week but hopefully by the middle of next week you will be able to see the completed scheme. Somebody has already suggested we need these protected cycle lanes on Upper Bristol Road. I’d go so far as to suggest we need these on every major road in the county.

This is an excellent start!

Having this on the gateway into the city showcases what can be done. Let’s keep up the momentum. Now we just need to get Tim Bowles to fund some of these from the £80m he is sitting on.


One comment

  1. Agree about the bus stops, Adam. Looking forward to seeing the completion of the road works in the middle of this stretch of cycle lane – currently after just settling into it you have to swerve back out into the traffic to avoid the works and then can’t get back onto the cycle lane because it’s now on the pavement.

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