A new parking garage in ’s-Hertogenbosch

When you look at Park and Ride facilities, as done by other countries you see an approach predicated on providing good connections via all modes of traffic, not simply use of bus. Given the square meterage of this parking garage, I’m surprised higher capacity was not achieved through the use of car park stacking systems. These building should, in effect be big hangars within which a car stacking systems are built. This would achieve a capacity of 4000+ cars and provide an charging point for each car. The thought and planning that has gone into the environmental impact of this building and how it has been connected to transport routes, be it by car, bus, foot, or bicycle, is simply brilliant. All it needs now is a tram connection 😉


The city of ’s-Hertogenbosch wants to have fewer cars in its city centre. To achieve that goal the city built a large car parking garage at the edge of the city, where people can transfer from their private car to a bus that takes them to the city centre. The city decided to build the so-called Transferium as green as possible in collaboration with a lot of stake holders. Cycling infrastructure is an integral part of the project. The building was opened last week with a bike-fest.

Once the outside is covered in green ivy this parking garage will be hidden in plain sight with all the green surrounding it. In the distance to the right: the city hospital. In the far distance: the city. Still from a video by the city of ʼs-Hertogenbosch.

Some of you may wonder why I would show you a car parking garage on…

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  1. Yes but whatever you call it it’s still a thumping great shed which you can see for miles.


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    • The article goes into the design, the fact it will be covered in ivy etc. What’s more interesting is that within Bath, this idea of enabling people to park and then have really good cycle connections into the city is quite alien. Even Newbridge P&R with the perfect level access to the river path along Brassmill Lane has no direct traffic free access to it from the P&R.

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