City of Bath Cycle Network Print

This is a bit of a teaser. We’re looking to run a 2019 Cycle Bath Sustainable Transport Festival (hopefully at the Bath Quays), produce better campaign materials that we are using (brochures, banners, etc). We also see an “opportunity” to double any money raised through the use of the BaNES Community Enablement Fund available through the Bath City Forum.

We’re in the process of producing a high quality (300GSM) A3 print of the the Cycle Network Map on a 50cm x 40cm mount that will be sold for £20. It will be available through all local bike shops shortly as well as directly from Cycle Bath (best for revenue generation).

Mail order will also be possible but there is some concern that sending prints through the post is not a good idea.


I really hope you like this. I hope to see it in every house in Bath 😀


  1. Hi Adam

    Great stuff. Would it be a help to have these printed at very low cost? May be able to help.

    Best regards


    (came to a couple of meetings)

    • Hi Andrew, weirdly the major cost is not in the 300GSM print (we’re using Ralph Allen Press), but in the mount (bag, mount, backing board). It needs to be top notch quality so saving a couple of pence here or there is not really a big issue. It feels and looks brilliant. A bargain at £20, sales through local bike shops supports them and us, and using a local printing company also fits into making it all about being ‘local’. Thank you for the offer. 😉

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