I don’t have time not to bike

I follow a lot of sites/people focused on urbanism, design, best practice, and generally all aspects of transport. I have an exciting life 😀

This tweet caught my eye as it rang true for me:

I like cycling, but I don’t choose to cycle daily to work, meetings, or shops around the city of Bath for some sort of principled reason. I do it, because door to door, it is simply the fastest, time saving form of transport in the city. I cannot afford to consider any other form of transport.

I would say though that an electric bicycle has been a godsend. Before I owned one of those, for meetings up at Combe Down or the University I would have no second thoughts about hopping into a car/bus. They really do flatten hills. There’s even a handy new Cycle Bath guide to buying an electric bicycle in Bath.

If the hills of Bath are simply too challenging, you should try an electric bicycle. I notice a large number of them are now on the streets of Bath. Good ones are not cheap, but they usually pay for themselves within a couple of years.

The electric transport revolution is not the electric car or the autonomous vehicle. It is the electric bicycle.

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